Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HCG Update!

Hello my ladie friends :)) sooo.... I have been doing this hcg diet for a couple weeks now, I know I told you guys that I would be doing more updates and videos but I just have not had the time, with work and getting ready to move at the end of this month. So I want to update you guys so badly! So Im just gonna do it thru blogging :) 

Loading Days:

During your loading days you need to consume as much fats as possible. You basically have to stay full for two full days. This was fun.... for the first day HAHA! By half way thru the day I felt so gross:). But I was a trooper and made it thru.

Low Calorie Days:

During these days your taking your drops and eating 500 calories a day. My experience so far with this is pretty good its got its ups and downs, but I have a overall positive experience with it.

I am currently 16 days in and I have lost 11 LBS!!!

My experience:

First Week:
My first day was fantastic! Holy cow, I had so much energy, was so easy to get up and I was in a good mood brighter than usual ;). Surprisingly the 500 calories a day for food filled me up I was amazed at that. There were periods during the day where I would feel hungry if i wasnt on HCG but because of the ingredients in the drops I just felt empty and had no hunger pains at all! It was incredible! The rest of the days followed really well I was more than content with how things were going it was tuff for sure but only cause im a major muncher and love sweets! But I got thru the weekend really breezy like. In my first week I went down 4 lbs, now I should have lost more that is not 1 lb a day, well I got my lady friend which is not good on this diet because you retain so much water and I really saw that and I had it for way longer than I usually do. So that stalled my weight loss quite a bit. But a good overal weight loss, and I could start to see my body shaping quite a bit with just those 4 pounds gone it was nice to see :)

Second Week:
Moving in to the second week I was still doing good cravings here and there, over the weekend I hooked up with my girl, and we went out to IHOP for dinna, I tried sooooo hard to stay within my portions and allowed food and i totally did!!......but..... they brought me a garlic bread which im not allowed to have, omg you should have seen me it was so funny. I ripped the bread in half.... and then in half again, my bread is now in 4 pieces,... and then i take one piece and split that in two again, and just kinda stare ( what do i do, what do i do, what do i do....) so what do i do i take a tiny bit...(mmmm soooooo goood ) and then i finish it lol and im done! haha! I was sooo good! UNTIL... she mentioned a frapp, crap I saw her whip and it was pretty much over I got a Mocha Cookie Frapp OMG It was delicious!!!! 

I completely regretted it afterwards tho, I was really bloated and felt yucky for the rest of the night. The rest of this week I was really good and motivated. At this point I'm down 7lbs. A few days after my splurge I woke up and I lost 4 more pounds!! Yippee!

Third Week:
I'm just in the beginning stages of the third week now, and I havent lost anything so far. But I put on some of my smaller clothes the other day and you can tell ive lost some weight and that feels fantastic. I will say that these last few days my cravings seem to be stronger, its a challenge to not let it get to you but when you think of the result its just NOT WORTH IT!!! So Im hoping for some more loss at the end of this week and keep you guys updated :)) as best I can.

Thanks for listening any question you have definitely leave a comment and we'll chat :) 

xoxo Tiny

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Big Time Whoops Moment!!

Hey Ladies, so I have been trying to really put myself out there when it comes to my makeup and I been entering contest for the practice. So there is this on group on facebook that has challenges every month (see me for more details on the group) and this month you need a model and its a fresh face look I used my lil ginea pigs from the last round tee hee .... love you girls! Check it out tell me what you think! 

There they are my beauties! 

So go figure one thing I forget is the sign thats required for the contest!!!!!! GAHHHH, only my I swear all that work and I cannot even submit them as entries!!!! GRR.

So a few days later I decide to do another .......


Then as a gift from me to them I decided to make them up in a dramatic way cause i loooove it :)) Here is what we came up with :))


This one thank god I got signs for the contest PHEW!!! Thank you for your patience with my long ass post! i had alot of fun doing this and cant wait to do more!!!

Lemme know what you think of my work I would love to know what cha'll thank!

Love you guys thanks for your support love you guys! <3<3<3

My First Clients

I have been wanting to try makeup on other people so I lured my cousin into being my canvas (didnt take much convincing) :)). I did my cousin and her best friend and they were such good sports and they looked beautiful. I went with a theme of making their eye color pop! I love to make something on the face just pop accentuate the beauty.

I would love to hear your feedback on my end result, thank ladies!!

My Cousin:



Cousin's Besty



The Final Result!!<3 Arent they Gorg!