Tuesday, January 10, 2012

StillGlamorus Haul & Review!!

Hello Ladies!!!

Welcome to my page and my first blog post!!! Squeee! Super Duper Excited!

Anywho I'll get right too it. About a year ago I was just starting to get into watching YouTube makeup tutorials and I came across this Makeup Artist by the name of StillGlamorus aka Kasey Palmer, shes a stay at home mom who does makeup on the side and is very talented! (Also very beautiful, which makes it really easy to watch :P) While I was weeding through her videos I notice that she had her own makeup line; StillGlamorus Cosmetics, which can be found on StillGlamorus.com.

As time passed a couple months later I decided to go to her site and check it out, and OMG everything was so reasonably priced that I just could not resist, I HAD TO BUY! Once I received my order I was hooked!

Just recently she had a Black Friday Sale, and you guys she had such good deals on all of her pigments. They are regularly 6.50 and they were on sale for 3.00!!! So needless to say I went buckwild that day! So today Ive decided to do a very in depth review on her pigments. I have made a video and more details will be in there. So take a look below and make sure your sitting down because these pigments are so snazzy-licious!!!

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Much Love Tiny xoxoxo <3

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