Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Midnight Sky

I wanted to do a really dramatic eye look, I have all this makeup that I have been aquireing and I really need to get on using it so i can review it all for you ladies :))

I have trying really hard to edit in such a way that you can see my technique how im blending but that is still at least under 15 mins so that im not boring you ladies.

This look was inspired by runway makeup. This would look good on pretty much anyone. i know alot of ladies arent confident enough to use dark bold colors but once you dip in it its so fantastic! 
I would wear this look to a nightclub, fashion show, birthday if its extravagant, pretty much any event that is really dressy.

If this look is too much for you, you can always matte it down by not bringing the color so far up and not making it so smokey :))

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<3 Tiny Nicole xoxoxo

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