Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Look What I Got!!


Ladies I am super duper stoked!

Earlier this week one of my favorite MUA's I follow on twitter subbed to my YouTube channel!!!!  
Super stoked about that! When you have a minute Check out her Blog too!

Annd I got my first makeup up books! I am super excited to get all the information and start applying it! As I learn I will show you guys on here as much as I can :))

Before I went out and bought anything I looked into it a bit, rather than going to the book store blind.

I am on a handful of MU Groups on FB and I talked to alot of girls on there about the books that worked the best for them and then I went to the store and grabbed all the books that they had in stock one of each sat down and went thru each book, the ones that appealed to me the most for what I looking to learn at this time were these two books.

Bobbi Brown - Makeup Manual

This is an amazing book for any beginner. Its simply written and attractive to the eye, easy to understand from what I've observed so far. Its very detailed oriented and it even has a section at the end for the professional side of things, if your interested in that direction. It also has looks in there and step by step directions on how to recreate it.

I also got....

Scott Barnes - About Face

From just sitting in the book store looking at this book, I am already so amazed! Scott Barnes is a celebrity makeup artist one of the artists he does is Jennifer Lopez! He talks about his style in application and most of the book is his transfirmations, Celebrity Transformations, they have a step by step guide on how to recreate it, and he goes thru a conversation with them and does a look, and has thier feedback on it as well! Along with all that greatness hes got his tips on everything you need to know about makeup.

I snapped a lil photo for you to see, mostly cause I got excited and wanted to show em off haha!

I am sooo excited to dive in!

I will keep you all posted on the content!

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Till next time lovies!

<3 Tiny xoxoxo

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